Artist Statement, Life Drawings, 2010-Present

For me, drawing from the live model is a thoroughly enjoyable exercise. Working with fundamental issues of representation such as the description of shape, mass, proportion and direction help sharpen my powers of observation and make me think in a very directed way about color relationships, balance and movement in a composition. The insights I have gained about the structure of the human body and the relationship of the body to its immediate surroundings have prompted me to begin introducing the figure in my latest camouflage paintings, the "New England Series".

I find drawing intrinsically energizing, and I find life drawing doubly so. The fact that the subject is a living breathing being who will only remain in the pose for a finite amount of time compels me to approach the drawing process with an enhanced awareness of the physicality involved in making marks on the paper. I become more aware of my physical self as I draw the model, making the relationship between artist and model inherently different from the way I relate to other subjects.